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Featured Photogs: Brooke Images

One of our favorite photographers, Brooke Images, recently shot one of our team members for her engagement photos and we wanted to share some of the shots with our readers. 

Brooke Images captures intimate moments and all the details, from that "butterfly in my stomach feeling" to pure happiness, they capture those precious moments and this shoot showcases it all. 

Shot in St. Augustine, FL, Jody and Alain met with Ashley and Greg on a cool October day. Lovers of Jack Johnson, they were inspired by his song "Better Together" because, as Jody says, "he is my other half, my best friend, and we really are better together."  

Going for an intimate, bohemian feel, the couple opted for a lot of moss, worn wood, and whimsical details. "I wanted to give our family and friends a feel for what our wedding will be, very intimate with a rustic bohemian feel while showcasing our love." -Jody 

They also wanted to included their adorable pomeranian, Tika, as she was the happiest little pup on the planet since "mommy and daddy are getting married."

pomeranian with engagement ring

Brooke Images did a great job at capturing their life together and showcasing their personalities. Ashley and Greg really took time to get to know the couple and understand what vibe they were going for. 


Credits: Images on this site belong to The Loft 5 Photographers.